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What is a Hottle?

September 15, 2020

What is a Hottle?

A Hottle is a unique, microwaveable heating pad. Simply put, we think of Hottles as “personal warmers” because they will keep you warm, but also relax your muscles and relieve your pain. The gentle, long-lasting warmth is the secret to what makes a Hottle different.

A Hottle is made from natural fabric soaked in water that is safely and securely sealed in a plastic pocket. This thermal core is then inserted in a cozy removable cover to add a layer of comfort and enhanced safety. A microwaved Hottle can stay warm for up to 4 hours without any electricity or additional microwave time.

Hottles microwavable heat pads are safe for kids
We think though, that it’s just as important to know what a Hottle is not, because that’s what makes a Hottle heat pack unique. A Hottle is not a hot water bottle, grain bag, or gel pack. Unlike some other kinds of heating pads, a Hottle:
  • will not burn, ignite, or burst
  • doesn’t require boiling water or fiddly stoppers
  • has no wires or cords
  • is free of toxic materials
So what Hottle isn’t is as important as what is.

Trust Hottle with your comfort, relaxation, and pain relief.


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